September 2016

Price: 5,945.00 EUR

Technique: Oil on Canvas.
Art measurements: 160 H x 240 W x 3 cmcm

Work of art description

<span style="color:#333333;font-family:'Crimson Text', serif;font-size:17px;background-color:#ffffff;">"Fluxhouse" is one of the five painting artworks, one part of the collection, which is dedicated for Lithuanian history and lithuanian identity. It is generation of emigrants in period and after it of the World War II, which moved over from Lithuania. In author's opinion, it was hudge cultural and intellectual shock for lithuanian nation. Many of artists, writters, scientists, polititions and public figures moved to west. If wouldn't be "Us", refugees, emigrants, how we would look like today? And what is more, do we not repeating the history today?</span>