Nikol Sadloňová


My name is Nikol Sadlonova.I am from a small town surrounded by nature in Slovakia. I dedicate myself to oil painting for a long time. In contrast with other painters, I learned to draw and paint myself. I have spent many years to find my style and find out how to work with oil paint but I am happy for it. I think it is best for an artist to learn himself how to put his emotions and feelings on a blank canvas. No-one should tell an artist how to paint and criticise him. It is important for artist to overcome himself and improve his art everyday. I like to explain this to the fact that old masters learned themselves painting too and their art is memorable and breathtaking. That was the main reason why I decided to master myself. Talking about my art, I concentrate myself to get the feelings and emotions that I have at the time, to my paintings. Each of my paintings carries deep meaning in it. Even when it is an "ordinary" subject, I like to express the meaning and emotion into the colours and into the atmosphere of the whole painting. My main inspiration is my everyday life, my dreams and my feelings.I hope you to see that in my paintings and hope you enjoy them same as I do.

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